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What You Should Do with Your FSA Funds





Eye Health

FSA Spending in Naples, FL

Although more than 87% of employers with 500 or more employees offer Flexible Spending Account benefits, less than 21% of eligible employees take advantage of it. If you have FSA benefits through your employer, you don’t want to leave any money on the table at the end of the year! We are experts in helping you get the most out of your FSA healthcare spending account with an incredible selection of frames and the latest in digital lens technology.


FSA Fast Facts

  • All your FSA funds for the entire calendar year are available for your use on January 1st.
  • FSA funds typically expire on December 31st, but in some cases, it could be March 15th.
  • Depending upon your employer, you may be able to carry over as much as $500 of unused FSA funds to the next calendar year.


HSA Fast Facts

  • Unlike FSA funds, your HSA funds are accrued throughout the calendar year.
  • To be eligible for a Health Savings Account, you must be enrolled in a high-deductible plan ($1,250 minimum for an individual).
  • An individual can contribute up to $3,300 per year to their HSA and, like a 401(k), employers will sometimes contribute to an HSA account.


So, what can you buy with your Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account funds? While there are certainly a wide variety of options, both FSA and HSA funds can be used to purchase prescription eyewear – regardless of whether you carry vision insurance. If you have more than $500 in your FSA account, or if you don’t want to carry over any FSA funds to next year, you must spend the money in that account before December 31st of this year.


If you already have prescription contacts, a backup pair of prescription glasses is a must. We feature the best selection of designer frames and lenses in the entire Naples area, and we have the perfect eyewear to suit your individual style.


If you already have a new and reliable pair of prescription glasses, you could either get a second pair to coordinate better with your “after hours” style, or you could spend your Flexible Spending Account funds on a pair of designer prescription sunglasses. Here in Florida, it’s important to protect your eyes year-round from harmful UV rays.


Our staff of licensed opticians are here to provide you with the very best service in finding the perfect designer eyewear to suit your needs. Call us today at 239.566.9300 to schedule your premium eye exam with independent doctor of optometry Lauren Walsh, O.D.


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