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digital lenses naples

3 Reasons You Should Have Digital Lenses

Though the current generation never knew a life without devices, those of us north of 30 years old have watched as we slowly became more and more surrounded by technology. Screens are everywhere – on our televisions, computers, smartphones, tablets, and some buildings have giant screens built-in. Even the light bulb has seen a dramatic […]

FSA Spending in Naples, FL

What You Should Do with Your FSA Funds

Although more than 87% of employers with 500 or more employees offer Flexible Spending Account benefits, less than 21% of eligible employees take advantage of it. If you have FSA benefits through your employer, you don’t want to leave any money on the table at the end of the year! We are experts in helping […]

eye health

4 Steps to Summer Eye Health

  With June being Cataract Awareness Month and with beach season being in full-swing here in Southwest Florida, there’s no better time to take some simple steps to keep your vision in great shape this summer. Though the risk of cataracts increases significantly by age 45, it’s never too early to keep your summertime eye […]

eye health

The Best Foods for Great Eye Health

In addition to regular, comprehensive eye exams from our independent Doctors of Optometry, quality lenses, and durable designer frames, your diet can have a significant impact upon your eye health. Some studies even show that eating foods that are beneficial to eye health can even reduce the risk of some age-related vision diseases like macular […]

Glasses in Naples

4 Reasons You Need More than One Pair of Glasses

While the “one-pair-fits-all” mindset might be okay for some people, it’s not common that a single pair of glasses will be the ideal choice for every task in our hectic modern lifestyles. With designer eyewear styles evolving and expanding, your eyeglass wardrobe should be expanding, too! It’s true that different pairs of glasses are a […]